I’m Sorry to Have to Post This

But it’s for posterity.

I grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, one of the most humid climates on the planet.

I love love love LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE humidity.


Because without it (Mexico City’s humidity hovers below 10% most days), I start to shrivel. When I went to college in New Mexico, I was miserable. My body just has no idea what to do without humidity, and starts to disintegrate.

And now, I’m miserable. And in pain.

Warning: This is TMI, but I must have this on record to remind myself why I can never live in the desert, ever again:

I normally have model-like hands (seriously, I get stopped on the street and told I should be a hand model. Never a fashion model, though...) and my poor ankle looks like it belongs to an albino elephant.

Just a Mexican butterfly to help erase that skin image from your brain.

5 thoughts on “I’m Sorry to Have to Post This

  1. Lucy says:

    Yes, I agree!!! The only thing that has gotten me through this dry season is El Nino and the freaky rain we’ve been having in Guadalajara. But now it’s dry again and I am miserable.

    Enjoy the wonderful, skin-soothing humidity in NY!! Meanwhile, I will be counting the months until May.

  2. Joanna says:

    I know what you mean! I grew up in Manila, and never thought I would miss the humidity! I hate waking up and barely being able to breathe! And also going through lotion like there’s no tomorrow…

  3. Betty Victory says:

    I like the dry weather feel when out walking, even though all my wrinkles are more defined. I always feel loggy and weighed down in humidity. Joy, get out the cortisone cream and generously apply very often!!!! Now Joy, this is your mother speakng!

  4. stamp says:

    Go buy Curel. My skin is built for humidity too, and it’s the only moisturizer that keeps my knuckles from being ashy in the Canadian winter.

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