Guanajuato Made Me Realize…

Brendan and me in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Guanajuato was my 23rd state to visit in Mexico, and it will probably be my last “new” state to visit before we move back to New York City later this month.

We visited along with my in-laws, and their friend Marilynn, and rented a house that said it was “close to all” — but in reality was 75 enormous steps basically straight uphill, with no car access, making the most minor errands a lung busting task. But the views from the house were fantastic — we looked directly across the way to colorful little houses — and Guanajuato is nothing but precious. There is not a single cobblestone, corner, citizen, casa or church that is not 100% photogenic. And, as always, I enjoyed spending time con mis suegros, especially their laid-back sense of humor over scary predicaments like being stuck in an elevator or having to carry luggage up a steep, slippery, poorly lit pathway in the dark.

However, the trip fully confirmed my belief lately that I’ve reached my fill of “cute colonial Mexican towns” and will make sure all future Mexico travels either:

1. Involve lots of quiet nature viewing and/or beach time (Mexico, after all, is one of the few nations of the world to have “mega-diverse” status, in that it harbors the majority of the world’s species, and I’ve been thinking more and more how I’d like to help contribute to the effort to help Mexico stay this way.)
2. Involve Mexico City and/or Malinalco (While I am a big fan of mother nature, I also love the frenetic nuttiness of Mexico City and then, exhausted, escaping to Malinalco)

Meaning, I’m still going to Veracruz at some point in my life, and while I want to see the capital city, it’s mostly to eat the food and hear the music. I won’t make any huge effort to see the churches or the museums or the plazas — I don’t care if we ever see another Mexican church in my life, they all look the same now. Instead, I’ll be spending most of that trip traveling through the Veracruz jungles and beaches, looking for hummingbirds and sampling freshly picked, freshly ground coffee. Same for my as-yet-unplanned-but-on-my-life-list big Baja trip, where I will visit migrating whales and kayak over azure waters, skipping the trinket-filled markets and timeshare pressures of Cabos San Lucas.

And that yes, after we move a El Norte, we have a plan brewing (*rubs hands together, devil-style*) to come back to Mexico City for an extended duration every year, to escape the winters up north and try to re-learn our random Spanish vocabulary.

All this rambling’s bottom line? While I may not be crazy about the cute colonial towns of Mexico, I am crazy about Mexico, and I’ll be coming back the rest of my life.

3 thoughts on “Guanajuato Made Me Realize…

  1. Betty Victory says:

    I don’t blame you for wanting to go back. I know Martie and Bob cherish the time they spent in Guanajuato. Malinalco seemed like a little garden of Eden…….always, forever floating in my memory….the beautiful colors, plants, spectacular fruit, mountains and people.

  2. Lesley says:

    Adorable photo of the two of you. I’m going to miss you guys. You know, if these future trips of an “extended duration” ever include a beach house, and you’re looking for some extra folks who will come and lay in hammocks and drink beers, we are totally there.

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