EEEEEK! Coldplay Live in Mexico City

While my San Antonio amiga Tricia was visiting us this past weekend, we spontaneously decided to end a drunken cantina crawl in the Centro Historico to hop in a cab and head to Foro Sol, an outdoor arena, to see if we could get scalped tickets to see Coldplay. It’s where we saw Radiohead last year, and we knew the venue rocked.

And…we scored! Brendan, Tricia and I splurged on $800 pesos tickets and were rewarded with an amazing performance by the British “power ballad” super band. One amazing thing about seeing a concert in Mexico — versus the U.S. — is the amazing enthusiasm a Mexican crowd shows. Non-stop singing along, screaming, doing the “olla” (the wave) and general merriment. We had a fabulous time! The band played 22 songs, including many of my favorites, and Chris Martin even spoke to the audience en espanol, which, of course, was well received. It was adorable when he forgot the word for “thing” and the audience shouted back “cosa!”

OK, so the quality of these first two videos suck, and will likely appeal only to die-hard fans, but I just want to post these, for posterity’s sake. The final one is simply my favorite song by the band.

“Lovers in Japan”

“The Scientist” — instrumental, with 55,000+ back-up singers 🙂

“Talk” — My absolutely FAVORITE song by the band (but set to somebody’s home produced video here, since embedding to the official video is forbidden by record companies — sigh)….

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