Walking on a Carpet of Mexican Flower Petals

Spring has arrived in Mexico City, and you can’t fathom what a welcome change it is: While we didn’t get blankets of snow this past winter, we did receive multiple severe cold snaps without the balm of central heat. I was miserably cold from November until February, shivering at my desk in multiple layers of clothing, drinking cup of tea after cup of tea, and cursing my Raynaud’s syndrome for rendering my toes feeling-less.

I definitely enjoy my Mexico City life a lot better when I can walk around barefooted in my own home, with all the windows open, while the fat robins sing and the flowers bloom. An added bonus is that every March Mother Nature showers the neighborhood with a carpet of purple jacaranda blossoms, making it almost fantasy-like (except for the police sirens,  insane/rude drivers and piles of dog feces…)

Anyway, I digress. Nine photos I took on my lunch-time walk with my dog today, plus one other I had been waiting to post, from Malinalco:

Hibiscus (jamaica) grows year-round in Mexico City, but it's particularly vibrant right now.

I'm pretty sure this is a ginger plant. Ginger is rarely used in Mexican cooking, however.

These trees produce numerous huge, droopy blossoms.

This odd, vein-patterned red-orange flowers grows on a tall bush. It's hard to photograph because it's a very delicate flower, always moving in the slightest breeze.

Years ago, jacaranda trees were smartly planted all over the city, especially in the parks. Each March, they burst with fragrant purple blossoms....

..covering the sidewalks with purple petals.

The vibrant red flowers of the coral tree are used in a few traditional Central Mexican dishes, though I'm told they're essentially flavorless.

This cabellin flower is from a tree in Malinalco, where I visited last month with my parents. It's about 2 hours from the city. The flower's native name is Xiloxochitl -- see-lo-so-chee-tull.

These Chinese lantern flowers grow very well in the city.

White, pink and fuschia (shown here) azaleas are reaching their peak right now.

These low-lying orange flowers only bloom this time of year. They must be bulbs, but of course I don't know their names. Bulb flowers do well here, except for tulips.

11 thoughts on “Walking on a Carpet of Mexican Flower Petals

  1. newspapergirl says:

    I learned the yellow droopy flowers are called Angels’ bells. Beautiful pics and the weather was awesome last weekend!

  2. Kay C says:

    The ginger plant that grows here in MO and has the medicinal roots look nothing like this one. They are very low to the ground. Their blossoms are like upside down cups, and hide near the ground, under their lovely, dark green, heart shaped leaves. They are a maroon-brown color. We have a stand of it in our back yard. But maybe that is a Mexican variety?

    These are exquisite and lush flowers, all! Very few signs of spring to talk about here yet, at all, alas. It has been so cold and so wet. The day lillies are beginning to emerge from the ground, and the lilac bushes have buds, but even my chives are hiding out still.

    • Joy says:

      Hi there Kay! I may have my plant name wrong….I wonder what the heck it is? It’s an odd looking one, for sure. My favorite flower I’ve seen here is that pink cabellin (it also comes in white).

  3. Betty Victory says:

    Thanks for the fower pics. –so lovely. Would love a bouquet of the Xiloxochitl. Love the color of the last pictured flower.

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