Feliz Dia de San Patricio, Or, Lookit! My Double Rainbow in Mexico City

Just yesterday I was getting all verklempt about leaving behind the gorgeous view from my apartment balcony in Mexico City. In two weeks, we’ll be moving to in Nueva York, and who knows what view will greet us there.

But today, on St. Patty’s Day, my view got even more breathtaking. A thunderstorm rolled in, carrying with it one of those wonders of the world, an arcoiris. Damnit! Mexico, you’re not making this easy, are you?

First, I noticed one rainbow, and thought, I should get a photo of that!

Then, I noticed a weird effect in the sky. A second rainbow. Good goddess!

The light coming through the thunderstorm bathed everything in a (more than usual) pleasant light.

7 thoughts on “Feliz Dia de San Patricio, Or, Lookit! My Double Rainbow in Mexico City

  1. DKN says:

    Holy crap. I just got really really melancholy for you guys looking at these incredible rainbows. I’m beyond stoked that you are coming back here but….damn! I completely sympathize.

  2. Betty Victory says:

    Oh, how lovely! I have seen that phenomena before……..didn’t know what it was called, though. The Jacarandas are so lovely, tambien. Oh goodness, after having such a wonderful trip down there……I feel like you do. But life and change must go on, I guess…….

  3. Luis says:

    Saw them from the front of my house that day too. Had to take a pic or two myself. Really a first for me in the years since I lived here.

  4. Lynn says:

    a double rainbow, now tht’s cool! isnt that supposed to be good luck or something? love the purple blooming accents too.

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