The (Daytime) View from the 42nd Floor

Although East Midtown hasn’t been the greatest neighborhood for walking my dog, I am not minding the panoramic views of Manhattan from corporate housing. I’m also thrilled to be back in New York City, where I am relishing the tasty/clean tap water, the stringent recycling programs, the mass transit, diet root beer and my friends.

Normally, I'd panic from my fear of heights. But being surrounded by other tall buildings reduces that feeling of freaking out.

The Chrysler Building is hands-down my favorite skyscraper in New York City, so I was squee-ing excitedly when we first walked in, at night, and there he was, peeking at us.

It's been raining all day, but I'm assured that later this week the weather will be downright pleasant.

At this height, the only street noise you hear are police sirens and the wind. Not exactly the most comforting combo, but it could be worse.

Brendan works in the skyscraper to the left, which overlooks Central Park and the distant beyond.

You find yourself looking in the windows, wondering who is staring back.

A bee is home in this hive.

Worker bees in the Communist looking building across the way.

Windows, windows, windows...

...and more windows.

9 thoughts on “The (Daytime) View from the 42nd Floor

  1. dregina says:

    Ok, you guys have literally topped the time I lived on the 27th floor. Also, I love that stringent recycling programs are high on your list of reasons to be back. And that view is AMAZING, just perfect.

  2. juan says:

    The “Communist” building you are near is 909 Third Avenue, also known as the US Post Office building. It was completed in 1968 (it still retains original light fixtures in the gold and wood-trimmed wrap-around lobby) and houses offices of the US Postal Service, among other private sector tenants. It’s one of my favorite tall buildings in Manhattan because it was built at the very end of the 50s & 60s skyscraper building boom. As well, it’s style – Brutalist, named after the French word “brute”, meaning unfinished or rough – was very typical of the time, especially of civic buildings.

  3. mary claire says:

    YIKES. That is incredible.

    Actually no, wait, I am just going to repeat “Wow,” only I’d like you to read it with a Mexican accent: “¡Woooow!”

    I’m glad you’re keeping the Spanglophone blog title, by the way. Que les vayan bien.

  4. starlaschat says:

    I really like these photos of the city. Living in Montana I’m so far removed from this view but I really appreciate being able to see your pictures. Cool Images!

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