The Home Office (for Now) for New Job


New job in a new city, amigos.

For those who don’t already know by now, I started my new job last week as the Editorial Czar for See my bio by scrolling down here: About Us.

We’re a distributed company, meaning everyone works at home, or, on their boat, farm or at a favorite coffee shop.

In two weeks, Brendan and I move into our swanky 3-bedroom, 2-bath apartment in Astoria, Queens (more to come on that, for sure). For now, I’m chilling in corporate housing on the 42nd floor, pondering the little ants walking down below. And whose my right-hand dawg while I work?

"Que tal, chica?"

6 thoughts on “The Home Office (for Now) for New Job

  1. nancyflores says:

    Great bio! I’m glad you guys will have your own place soon. It definitely will help NYC feel like home again.

  2. Elli Davis says:

    The bio doesn’t sound bad. What caught my attention is working from home. I have tried it and yes, it is comfortable. But there’s so many distracting things and it takes me much longer to get something done. If you can actually get work done from home , I envy you.
    Oh, and I’m looking forward to see pics of your new apartment! Good luck with the move, it’s never easy.


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