My (Photobombed) Biggest, Bad Ass Moment of Cool (So Far)

This past weekend I attended the cocktail reception for Seven on Seven, a project that paired seven leading technologists with seven acclaimed artists in an effort to create something artsy yet functional, digitally speaking  — while doing so in only one day, making sure it’s, as The New York Times put it, “art made at the speed of the internet.”

Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress (and who I work for), teamed up with artist Evan Roth. If I’m short on time or in polite company, I might describe Evan as a “unique digital artist.” What he’s really known for, though is being “the biggest Bad Ass Mother Fucker on the internet….. according to google.” The proof is in the search ranking pudding, folks. (But seriously, his babies are pretty awesome.)

Matt and Evan’s creation from Seven on Seven? The whimsical new Surprise Me function added to the dashboard. Evan’s job was to crawl the interwebs for these moments of fun, while Matt coded it all in, at whiplash-speed, into WordPress.

Anyhoo, my starring role: Anyone who knows me well knew last week that I was nervous about the reception. Would I be cool enough? What if I overdressed? Underdressed? Didn’t know what anyone was talking about? Slipped and fell on someone’s laptop, crushing it, and my ego/career, in the process? Before the event on Saturday, I fretted, opened a beer and turned on Project Runway, then fretted some more.

Luckily, none of my worst fears came true. I met Matt for the first time, and he was as charming as everyone says he would be. I later met some of his closest friends, and we all went for dinner, and I had a grand time. I was even a little hungover the next day. I didn’t crush a single laptop, though my new friend Elena did accidentally drop her phone, breaking it — almost as if my clumsiness became a temporary black hole. Other than that, though, a fun weekend was had by all.

And now, the proof of my existence at the event was made all the cooler, for I was photobombed by the biggest Bad Ass Mother Fucker on the internet, and that photobomb now lives online, 4evahz. (And just to be clear here, I’m referring to the out-of-focus guy standing between Liz and me and sticking his tongue out.)

5 thoughts on “My (Photobombed) Biggest, Bad Ass Moment of Cool (So Far)

  1. Lynn says:

    so that’s photo bomb? i learn thing everyday from smart bloggers like you! question though: just how, pray tell, does one get to work for wordpress?… inquiring bloggers want to know.

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