12 thoughts on “Managing Freshly Pressed

  1. Chris Manno says:

    Please check me out! I strive for a combo of literary and visceral prose. Here’s one of my faves, but you can check any of them out. Always with pictures, graphics and sometimes music–all original.



  2. andrea says:

    Hola Joy! The ‘Freshly Pressed’ post was really helpful. Thank you. I always wondered if the blogs were selected automatically. Good to know there is a human being behind it. It must be amazing to have that job!
    I’m also fluent in Spanglish :] Las fotos of your new place en NY estan espectaculares.

  3. beachblogger says:

    Your post was very useful! Discovered I’m automatically doing pretty much all five things, so it made me feel good as I’ve only been blogging for two weeks. Learning all sorts of things as I go along and slowly becoming more confident …

  4. heyvix says:

    Do you have a dream job or what? Though I guess there’s extra pressure on you to keep your own blog error-free.

    Thanks for the tips! [And enjoy SF.]


    I just read your post on the wordpress.com blog. Freshly pressed is all new to me (so is wordpress and blogging too), and I have a few questions.
    Besides focusing on the content, is there another way I can further increase my possibility of a spot in the lime light?
    And which method do you use to select blogs, do you skip through every one of them?

    Have a happy and sunny weekend in San fransisco!

  6. OJWK says:

    Hi Joy,

    Thanks for the very informative post, it was very good advice that all bloggers would do well to heed!
    Is there anything specific we can do to be considered for inclusion on freshly pressed? I think i’ve followed all your guidelines (aside from the tags for each post) but I was wondering if there was anyway you could submit your blog for consideration?

  7. coolandnotcool says:

    Hi Joy,

    Thank you for the precious advice you provide. By the way, I really like the tone of your blog…

    I’m a French girl from Paris, and since moving to LA a month ago to follow my husband, I decided to start a blog about random things I find either cool or not in California.


    I just wanted to know: How do you select the blogs on Freshly Pressed?



  8. Joy Victory says:

    I’ve tried to write all of you back about your questions. For any one else who’d like to ask a question, please email me at editor @ wordpress.com


  9. Joy Victory says:

    Joe, thanks for letting me know. Going forward, use my (new) job-only blog at http://editor.wordpress.com — that’s where you can leave comments related to Freshly Pressed and other editorial questions/comments. Thanks! (I didn’t want my personal blog to become to work-related, so I created a new one).

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