Off to San Francisco for WordCamp!

Tomorrow morning I head to San Francisco for a week to attend WordCamp, a big event held by WordPress that brings together developers, bloggers and friends. In addition to working the registration desk at WordCamp, I’ll be meeting many of my co-workers for the first time (in person, that is)…and attending a Giants game Friday night, going on a pub crawl in Oakland, and hopefully checking out some cool vintage shops on Sunday, all while enjoying gorgeous SF.

At the same time, the husband will be here in New York, overseeing our move. Yep, ALL our stuff from Mexico arrives on Saturday and we (finally) move into our 3-bedroom in Astoria, Queens! (Tip: This is where you say “QUEENS, BABY!” like you live in Queens and hold Mets season tickets…).

Last weekend, we spent some time hanging out at Astoria Park, which is just two blocks from our new apartment. This photo speaks for itself — this is how summer will look:

Yes, Charlie’s a scene stealer.

2 thoughts on “Off to San Francisco for WordCamp!

  1. DKN says:

    Charlie will be spending a warm, sunny day in Astoria park this Saturday with his Aunties Brenda and Dora and his Uncle Gene. Then we’ll take him to your new abode to be with Brendan. We’re skipping the cherry blossom festival in lieu of actual blossoms to squee over. They timed that badly this year with the windy, cold weather.

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