For Betty and Martie

Mother’s Day snuck up on me this year, since I’ve been in the middle of moving internationally, and starting a new job. (It’s exhausting!)

We *just* moved back to Astoria, Queens, this week, and now is the time of year when everyone’s gardens really start to shine. A favorite flower in Astoria is the rose. I took every single photo here in a one-block radius (!) from our apartment — now imagine that spread across 30 or so blocks, and you have a lot of roses to enjoy!

In lieu of the real thing, las rosas aqui son para mi mama y mi suegra:

My mom has always loved peppermint roses like this.

This pink rose bush was almost weighed down by all the blossoms.

The favorite choice of Texas girls.

A nice distraction from less-than-ideal architecture.

No one seemed to mind that I was taking photos of their roses.

I love the soft/hard combo of roses and bricks.

I am envious of the gardens in my neighborhood, but maybe soon we'll own a garden, too.

These pastels look great in the sun (what rose doesn't?).

A lovely coral color.

As I was trying to frame this shot, two moms walked by. 🙂

5 thoughts on “For Betty and Martie

  1. Betty Victory says:

    Thank you, Joy! These are super beautiful. Roses are my favorite. Ha, Ha..along with all the other flowers.

  2. sunshineandstarlight says:

    Hi, Joy-

    These pictures are beautiful. I LOVE roses. Have you seen the tai dye ones? Amazing. 🙂

    I just wanted to say thank you for featuring my blog post on ‘Freshly Pressed.’ It was such an unexpected surprise and it really made my day. I’m new at this blog thing and it’s been such a wonderful journey so far – meeting new people and hearing/sharing stories. So…thank you.

    I’m also a Texan and I happen to be headed to New York tomorrow for a few days. So fun.

    Have a lovely night and thanks again.
    laura elizabeth

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