You Know You’re in Central Texas When…

1. You take a photo of your husband sitting under a pecan tree next to a spring-fed river.

2. Some dudes pull up and drop off a turtle they rescued from the highway.

3. You go kayaking, and spend a lot of the day protecting yourself (reluctantly) from the perfect Texas sun.

4. This is ubiquitous.

Lone Star Beeh

5. So is this.

6. Armadillos are art.

London Hall

7. The small towns have dance halls that let you bring in ‘ole bottles of liquor if you’re tired of Lone Star, aka “set-ups,” or as shown here, “se ups.”

Dance hall

8. The bars look timeless.

9. Lots of people drive trucks, especially dualies.

And you know you’re in Austin, specifically, when:

1. Your brother works at a local animal shelter.

2. You have a snuggly encounter with a cat named Bernard.

3. Every car has a preachy bumper sticker.

6 thoughts on “You Know You’re in Central Texas When…

  1. Don Victory says:

    These are great photos and help capture the essence of Texas. Really a nice turtle there. And beautiful Bernard with the silkiest coat a cat ever had Well, at least the countryside was pictured for the most part….The big cities look pretty much like all big cities with a little Texas flair.

  2. Lesley says:

    Ahh, set-ups. The original bottle service. One of my favorite dives in Dallas, Ships, offered set-ups and had an old-school jukebox. Loved it there. You’re making me want to plan a trip back! Could really go for some barbecue and a cold Lone Star about now.

  3. starla says:

    Joy, I just noticed on your latest WordPress post 3rd paragraph from the bottom. Looks like you forgot the Me in the sentence. The oil spill really is heartbreaking. I also look forward to reading more about the wordpress Blog.

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