Hot Rod Alley in Corpus Christi, Texas

Hello there, Joy here, reporting from the San Antonio Airport, with its AWESOME free wi-fi! This morning, before I made the two-hour drive up to hop on my flight(s) back home to New York City, I spent my final few hours in Corpus Christi at the 18th Annual Coastal A’s & Rods Fun Run, where a bunch of antique car owners gathered to show off their restored beauties.

Even though the temps were close to 90 degrees, with little shade or helpful breeze, I couldn’t resist roaming around, taking photos of all the cool cars.

Let’s start with the most important car of the day, my Dad’s mostly restored 1926 Oldsmobile:

1926 Oldsmobile

My parents with my Dad's "Olds" from 1926. He's been restoring it for more than a year.

1926 Oldsmobile

My Mom and I with the Olds. On hot pavement. At high noon.

Alrighty, now the rest of the bad-ass cars:

I love flame paint jobs. I want a VW Bug with one.

Retro space age-y car. If I were a better photojournalist, I'd tell you what make/model this is.

Texas Antique Vehicle

Nice color combo on this puppy.

Grease Lightening

They were playing the "Grease" soundtrack. Can't you see Danny Zuko driving this one down Thunder Road? Also, it's hard to photograph chrome without yourself showing up. This is an especially flattering self-portrait. *sighs*

There I am -- again!

All this little bug needs is some orange flames on the front end. Sadly, there was no rum in those drinks. The nerve.


Chevrolet logo

I like the antique logos. So let's show a few more of them, shall we?


Camaro logo. Sweet car.

Sexy. I'd own one of these, too. This always has been my favorite model of Corvette.

In case you forget which truck you're looking at.

This was a common theme on many cars. Ah, the good ole days. The food is fake, yet it still made me hungry.

*Evil laugh*

Runs on Lone Star Beer

Why was I not surprised to find this truck's owner lives in Austin?

You must be naked, or crazy, or both.

And yet, this rule resulted in absolutely no one stripping down.

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