Human Hamster Wheels and Spinning Meat

This past week our Mexico City friends Lesley and Crayton stayed with us, and Saturday “we partied allllllll day,” as Crayton put it. We started with the ginormous Bloomberg employee Summer Picnic  on Randall’s Island and ended with the feast of San Antonio Abate in Astoria.

At the picnic, we clowned around, eating fried Twinkies and taking silly photos:

We also had free sangria. OK, we had lots of free sangria.

We admired the over-the-top decorations.

Lesley and I made free t-shirts at the crafts booth, while Brendan and Crayton watched the U.S. lose to Ghana on the jumbotron.

Just a small portion of the picnic. That’s Manhattan in the background.

My one regret? I didn’t get in the human hamster wheel. In hindsight, though, it probably would have been a bad idea to combine sangria, 90-degree weather, my hair-trigger motion sickness, and this….

After the picnic, we had dinner and drinks with a huge group of friends before hitting the streets of Astoria for the St. Abate street fair. It consisted of your usual street fair food (fried dough covered in powdered sugar) plus bonuses like meat spinning centrifuge-style (photo by Dora N.)….

…carnival games with “unique” prizes (photo by Brenda L.)…

…and, of course, San Antonio Abate himself, who by the end of the night, is covered in dollar bills. (Photo by Dora N.)

One thought on “Human Hamster Wheels and Spinning Meat

  1. DKN says:

    Good times! The street fair was FUN this year.

    Yeah, I don’t know about that hamster wheel. I just saw the Flaming Lips with Anneka and Dan in KC this last April and the lead singer came out in one and body surfed over the crowd in it – NUTS.

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