Powwow in Queens

Since we now own a car, we can go to random places on a whim, such as today’s adventure to the Queens County Farm Museum, which was hosting a Native American powwow.

We ate a fry bread taco, a Cajun flavored pickle and slurped down homemade lemonade — an essential in the 90 degree sun.

The farm is incredibly charming and I will definitely go back and explore in the fall. There’s a food stand with fresh produce, flowers and eggs. We took home onions, corn and one of the prettiest bouquets I’ve ever seen.


2 thoughts on “Powwow in Queens

  1. dregina says:

    I did a stint on Navajo Nation (aka Dineh Nation) for 5 months when I was an undergrad and made/ate fry bread with breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day I was there – although I could never get them round – mine always came out as these weird huge ovals.

    I’m wondering if the people who organized the fair called them “frybread tacos” or if perhaps that’s your own term? In Northern Arizona, everyone called them either Navajo tacos or Indian tacos, but
    A)I’m sure your powpow was not being thrown by the Navajo
    B) “Indian tacos” may be too politically incorrect to make it from Arizona to New York state.

    Frybread in Native American cooking highlights so many intersections in American culture – of creativity in the face of poverty, of poor diet and its relationship to poverty, of the creation of new culinary traditions to replace the loss of old ways – I could go on and on and on. But I won’t. I love Navajo tacos!

    • Joy Victory says:

      That was a term they used and I had never heard of it before. I also saw “Lakota taco.” I saw “American Indian” used a lot by the public health booths, so I don’t think it’s a P.C. issue here.

      (The taco itself was OK but very greasy. Personally, absolutely nothing holds a candle to Mexico City tacos.)

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