4 thoughts on “I’m from Corpus. Corpus Christi. (Repeat.)

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hi. First time reader of your blog, and life long resident of Corpus Christi. I have to say, that I think this song has a good chance of ruining the good reputation that Corpus Christi has built especially over the last few years. There is rumor that this song will come out on Tosh.0 which is both good and bad. It’ll definitely make a mockery of the video and its content, but it will also make it tougher for anyone to say they are from Corpus, without this horrid excuse for a song (I like rap music btw) being discussed or mentioned at the very least.

    And yeah, the use of a Dos Caras (famous luchador, brother of legendary Mil Mascaras) mask is offensive to Lucha Libre fans like myself.

  2. Monica O'Keefe says:

    I’m embarrassed. It’s as though the dirty laundry of the family has been aired. Oh well, we still have the best breakfast tacos and mediocre beaches in the world!

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