My Brother Rescues Animals, Meets Pamela Anderson

A photo from the days when my brother worked at the Austin Humane Society. The kittehs clearly love him.

My brother now has a long history of working in animal rescue, and recently took a great coordinator job with one of the country’s major animal welfare groups. He’s been training in Virginia, and so was able to help out with a recent rescue of dogs abandoned or neglected in the Gulf Coast region.

Many Louisiana animal shelters are (once again) at capacity, and so the overflow pups must be transferred to shelters with extra room. The event got a fair bit of local press coverage and he has now appeared in at least two news videos.

Video: Oil spill dogs arrive in Norfolk

In the video, you can see him handing off the first puppy to a tattooed girl, and he makes an appearance later, wearing a black t-shirt. Baywatch celeb Pam Anderson helped out, and my brother even got to meet her. 🙂

Words can’t express how proud I am of him for doing such a heart-wrenching job. Man’s relationship with animals and nature is a direct reflection of our society’s mental health, and so my brother knows first-hand that we have a very long way to go before we’re anywhere near Zen.

It’s a job I couldn’t do, but I am so thankful there are people like him who can.

4 thoughts on “My Brother Rescues Animals, Meets Pamela Anderson

  1. CultureChoc2010 says:

    God bless your brother. My husband rescued 2 cats: a stray kitten and a 5 year-old in a shelter (they are now 8 & 10). I recently rescued another cat who is a doll with me but a beast with my other kitties. It’s going to be a lot of work but I’m so glad I could give her a home. Keep your fingers crossed. I hope that they eventually get along.

  2. BV says:

    Wow, we are so proud of E. for doing this (emotionally) difficult job. Got to meet Pamela Anderson to boot. Joy, thanks so much for posting this story!

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