Bet You Can’t Guess Where This Is in NYC!

This past Sunday, my friends Dora and Gene took me (and Brendan) on another excellent tour of a far-flung New York City neighborhood. While New York City can be a far-from-perfect place to live, one under-rated benefit is that there are always random places to discover, and so with the right attitude (and the right friends), a rainy Sunday night can lead you to places like this.

Three hints:

  • It’s (obviously) not Manhattan.
  • Very cute cottages here are surprisingly affordable.
  • Two residents of this neighborhood must write you letters of recommendation in order for the board to approve you to buy a home here.

Correct guessers will get my undying love and adoration…

The cottages that face the waterfront of this neighborhood are all linked by a pedestrian path.

Many homes have views of a bridge and the water. (But *which* bridge and *which* body of water, dear reader?)

The street signs of this neighborhood all look like this. Seriously. (Sorry for blur-- a rain drop got on my lens.)

14 thoughts on “Bet You Can’t Guess Where This Is in NYC!

      • Barry Houldsworth says:

        Hopefully that is me πŸ™‚

        And…if it is…and there’s even a chance of getting a Freshly Pressed slot – then I would really love to see that go to my wife’s blog:

        I encouraged (nagged, cajoled, badgered) her to write about her experiences dealing with our child with Aspergers (high functioning autism). She has done such amazing things for him that I finally managed to convince her she needs to share that information to help other families in the hope of giving some support to those in need.

        She’s also MUCH smarter than I am and deserves some recognition πŸ™‚

        Loving WordPress!!

      • DKN says:

        I just loved when Gene said “So yes, this is the place that made me the bad ass I am today.” My little kitten…with friends who will break your legs in a moment’s notice, none the less. LMAO.

  1. Kay Callison says:

    Love it! Beautiful pix! And I can’t “guess” cuz that would be cheating. Mike was sooo looking forward to going there the day after Xmas, which alas was not to be. I know he was having fantasies about us buying the place and moving out there. Kay

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