Not-At-All-Sleepless in Seattle

Pike Place Market, Seattle, Washington.

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¡Hola amigos! El Blog de Joy is in Seattle this weekend for the fabulous International Food Blogger Conference. I’m speaking on Saturday morning, on the thrilling topic of blog traffic and search engine optimization.

I left New York at 8 a.m. this morning, and it’s currently 10:20 p.m. in my homeland right now, but a still sunny 7:20 p.m. in Seattle. I’m forcibly staying awake so I can be on a semi-normal schedule by Saturday. Sleep is basically my favorite hobby, so I’m feeling a lot like the people on Locked Up Abroad (which, OT: if you have never watched YOU MUST WATCH) except I’m in a hotel-provided terry-cloth robe watching Rick Steeves travel to Barcelona I while blog on my MacBook.

Initial thoughts on Seattle? Glad you asked.

– Diversity! I took the light rail from the airport to my hotel. Immediately I noticed all the Cambodian and authentic looking Mexican restaurants. For some reason, I had it in my head that the whole population of Seattle would be white internet geeks who looked and dressed like Bill Gates.

– Tourists! Wow, that Pike Street Market would be a lovely experience if all the fast-as-slugs, oversized windbreaker-and-Velcro-sandal-wearing tourists would get the f out of my way. But I loved all the cheap flowers.

– Homeless people! It’s as bad as San Francisco, sadly.

– Lunch: Vietnamese food! Specifically, medium-rare beef pho soup with watermelon bubble tea. Man, I love New York City, but it’s hard to find good Vietnamese food in Queens. (Note to self: Must find good Vietnamese in Queens.) I also had watermelon bubble tea. Wait, did I already say that? Did I mention I’m sleepy?

– Dinner: Cashew-and-caramel coated popcorn, picked up at KuKuRuZa. I’ll be tearing into it after I finish this post.

– Friends. I somehow didn’t realize I actually know close to a dozen people in Seattle, who I’ve either worked with or currently work with. And a high school friend who lives in Dallas is randomly here this weekend, too. It (fortunately) means my little schedule is packed right up until I get on the plane home.

– Stereotypical weather! It’s cold, windy and rainy. Surprise, surprise. Guess who left her North Face raincoat at home? #fail

– Smiles! People are friendly, it must be the Canadian influence? I had  several chats with total strangers today, and that never happens to me. One woman asked me what her dress size was, as she was from France and didn’t understand U.S. sizing (um, no, dear husband, I wasn’t shopping today. Merely passing through…).

– “Sleepless in Seattle” is the main logo I see on tourist t-shirts. Who in goddess’ name would buy this?

9 thoughts on “Not-At-All-Sleepless in Seattle

  1. Madeline Moy says:

    I kind of chuckled when reading that one of your initial thoughts is that Seattle is diverse, especially because you live in New York. Seattle is super white! From the airport, the light rail goes through Seattle’s Rainier Valley, which is indeed one of Seattle’s most diverse areas. It’s also one of the poorest. The idealist in me says that light rail was built to help provide cheap public transportation for low-income residents that need it the most. The cynic in me says that the government decided to build the light rail there because low-income people couldn’t effectively organize to stop the (very disruptive) construction. That being said, I love the light rail, and I do think it has ultimately benefited the Rainier Valley community. But it was a very painful process.

    For something completely different from the usual lily white Seattle food scene, I recommend you check out the Clean Greens Farmers Market. It’s open 10:00 am – 6:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays at 21st and Fir St. in the Central District, Seattle’s historically black neighborhood.

  2. DKN says:

    One of my very earliest memories is from the fish market in Seattle. My parents took me on a trip there when I was 2 or 3. I’ll never forget all the colors and the people.

  3. DKN says:

    And we really missed you this weekend. Like really really really missed you. The tubing, the pontoon boat and the Tom Petty concert were all amazing but not the same without you!! 😦

  4. juan says:

    Next time you’re in Brooklyn, I can direct you to some great Vietnamese joints in Sunset Park. I know of a few in Flushing and Manhattan, as well.

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