A Long Weekend in Seattle: Good Food, Good Hiking

I’m back from my long weekend trip to Seattle, where I was a speaker at the International Food Blogger Conference. The conference was great — good food and good company — but I also really enjoyed  the teensy bits of sightseeing and brief moments hanging out with old friends. There’s nothing like getting caught up with a Texan friend you haven’t seen in a decade, over drinks at a swanky Seattle hotel bar. I was so tired by the time I hung out with Christina, I forgot to take photos! After doing a lot of East Coast-West Coast flights this year, I’m learning travel across time zones tucker me out. All my years flying back and forth between Mexico and Texas were like a cakewalk compared to 6-hour, three time zone flights. (And yeah, I know, that’s nothing. I’d be a miserable trans-ocean traveler…)

Anyway, I’m now caught up on sleep and back to work tomorrow. In the meantime, a few purty photos.

I played the good tourist and visited the Pike Market. Go early if you want breathing room.

Cheap fresh flowers for sale, much like the Mercado de Jamaica in Mexico City, but smaller.

The food table for the Urbanspoon after-party. I ate well this weekend.

Seattle is one of those bike-friendly sorta places. We need stands like this outside every subway station in NYC.

I took the 24 bus from downtown to Discover Park, a 534-acre park in the Magnolia area. I think there are enough wild blackberries in Discovery Park to feed a whole army. So. Many. Blackberries.

For a relatively small area, Discovery Park has grasslands, beaches, alpine forest and sandy pits.

This was a small lighthouse, but scenic nonetheless.

The polished driftwood was a nice touch. Makes great impromptu benches.

Did I mention there were almost as many wild orchids as blackberries?

2 thoughts on “A Long Weekend in Seattle: Good Food, Good Hiking

  1. Betty Victory says:

    This all looks very lovely. I would be tempted to pick an orchid. The states of Virginia and Tennesse have many, many areas of blackberries, also. Like you said, if someone picked all of them—-we could feed at least 70 to 100% of the world some jam. 🙂

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