At the Automattic Annual Meet-up

I’m spending the week in Seaside, Florida, for my company’s annual retreat. It’s a mix of work and pleasure, and my loyal readers know that this sort of beach view is dangerously tempting for a beach bum like me. How can one work with a beach like this?!

So, today I took the afternoon off to sit under an umbrella and swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Large groups of pelicans keep flying by (BP didn’t kill them all!) and cute schools of pipefish can be seen darting under the clear, teal-colored water. I even attracted a skin-hungry catfish-shaped fish, who kept aggressively nibbling on me as I giggled-screamed, running for shore, while coworker Lori watched, amused.

Seaside is adorable – sort of a rich man’s Port Aransas, Texas – and our cottage is straight out of The Truman Show (the movie was filmed here).

Its also hot. We’re talking 95 degrees and dripping wet humidity. I’ll miss this come December, though.


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