Late Summer Snapshots (I’ll Miss You, Summer… *Sniffs*)

Although Summer 2010 was mostly consumed by house hunting, car shopping, and traveling (and general acclimation to New York), we did squeeze in quite a bit of fun, food and friends. Few things are as calming and peaceful as upstate New York in the summer.

We discovered the beauty of the Basha Kill Wildlife Management area, a narrow-but-long protected marshland in Sullivan County. I can’t wait to go back with a kayak and a camera.

And we discovered the crisp, tangy, bubbly house white  from the Basha Kill Vineyards, located very close to the marsh:

We took the time to enjoy a playground (and we bought a car – see it there in the background? Yipee!):

And we chased the butterflies (or is this just a really pretty moth?):

And re-visited the always-stunning New York Botanical Gardens:

And hung out with our friends:

3 thoughts on “Late Summer Snapshots (I’ll Miss You, Summer… *Sniffs*)

  1. doranyc says:

    Gene and I caved and drank our bottle of the sparkly white from Bashakill last night. I really need to get my camera fixed – I got NO good pics from our kayaking weekend….I think Gene got a few, though…

  2. Betty Victory says:

    Bashaskill–strange name—interesting area. Nice, nice photos. Diana turned us on to Moscato—you know how we like Kool-aid wine. We are totally non-connoisseurs!!!!!!!!!

    Really love Moscato D’ Asti San Silvestro

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