She’s a Girl, and a Robot

Last night I went to see cabaret/burlesque/performance art/not sure how to label it for the first time, to see my pal Brenda perform her stand-up routine as part of the show. The theme was “Trauma in TV Land” and Brenda rocked it with a funny comparison on how the popular TV of our youth was downright Puritanical compared to what kids are exposed to today. While John Hughes seemed edgy back in the day, how would he stand up next to True Blood and The Jersey Shore?

I also was mesmerized by a live performance by Girl Robot, who has a complete online musical. The first song in the musical explains her origins (her creator’s cat accidentally stepped on the keyboard, changing the XY to XX) and then shows Girl Robot romping hilariously through Manhattan, mystified yet clearly in love with the city. For some reason, perhaps because I’m a New Yorker who spends most of her conscious hours interacting with computers, I identify with Girl Robot.

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