Please, Someone, Bring Me One of These — Stat!

I read a lot of blog posts every day, and we have some of the world’s best food bloggers. They never fail to amaze me with the effort and passion they put into their writing, photography and recipe inventions. Case in point: This tasty far-more-natural twist on the Apple-tini. It’s apple season here in New York and apple sellers are basically giving away fresh cider. (And have you ever had an apple cider donut? To. Die. For.) Time to try this recipe, no?

Cocktail Hour: Apples to Apples I admit that I've tried a few "apple-tinis." You know, those unnaturally green cocktails made with artificially flavored sour apple schnapps and vodka, garnished with a maraschino cherry?  Any time I've tried one, I've always thought, "why am I not just eating a sour apple Jolly Rancher candy instead?"  I didn't set out to make a better, more natural version of this cocktail, but I think I ended up doing so. When the weather turns chilly in late … Read More

via Shallots Web

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