Uncovered: The Mexico City Beetle Project

While poking around my computer’s hard drive tonight, I stumbled across this folder full of photos I took of Volkswagen Beetles — still one of the most popular cars in Mexico.

I took these shots in Mexico City, both this year and last year, with the eventual plans to maybe do some sort of  cool collage. These are some of my favorites. And good God, do I miss Mexico right now. I really wish I had some sort of transporter beam between New York and Mexico. Then life would be perfect.

6 thoughts on “Uncovered: The Mexico City Beetle Project

  1. Bobby of Shoreview says:

    That is the greatest collection of Beetles I’ve seen. I am a big fan of the “Bug” ever since my wife had one and I also bought a beat up one and with my brother rebuilt the engine. What a hoot. It may still be running somewhere. A great past time in Mexico is watching the Beatles scoot by.

  2. Parsifal says:

    I remember being in Lima, Peru about 15 or so years ago. The one thing that stands out for me even to this day is how many VW Beetles there were.

    I mean, they were everywhere!

    Love the VW Beetle, but my heart goes out for the VW Bus. I want one of them to restore…

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