The Four Types of Halloween Decorating in Astoria, Queens

My neighborhood here in Queens — which is well known for over-the-top Christmas displays — has gone truly batty for Halloween decorations. I’ve started to recognize a pattern, too. Basically, you have four types of decor themes. Let’s take a look:


Classy Astoria

1. Some homeowners go for the friendly, warm-hued, autumn harvest look, while also going out of their way to appeal to children in a non-threatening way. Notice Pooh and Minnie Mouse - who may be creepy, but not outright scary.



Astoria, Queens Halloween

2. Then some neighbors go for the "I'm OK with trick-or-treaters but I still want to freak you out a little" look. This one nicely balances autumn color and cheery scarecrows with a little arachnophobia. (I keep hoping to see a bed bug theme -- now THAT'S terrifying.)



3. A few neighbors let their late fall garden do all the talking. Who needs store-bought pumpkins when you have a front yard like this?




4. And then we have the neighbors who might possibly be set dressers for horror films at the nearby Kaufman Astoria Movie Studios. This skeleton looms over all passers-by, and I might have to wander over to their house on Halloween, just to see how many toddlers start crying at the sight of Mr. Way-Too-Realistically-Scary-Skeleton-Person.


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