Introducing: Our New Home

A frosty sunrise at the cabin.

On Friday, after years of saving, planning, daydreaming and discussing, we took a huge leap into adulthood: We bought a weekend home — a cabin, a place we can escape to, a place to enjoy being surrounded by nature. The cabin sits on 10 acres of fairly pristine Catskills forest, on the side of a steep hill, bordered on one side by a little-used country road, and on the other side by a brook that cascades downhill across our acreage, so we can always hear rushing water.

After closing on the cabin, we immediately moved in, and spent the weekend there, clearing debris from the shed and exploring the property, which includes a waterfall, swimming holes and many granite and shale rock formations. And plenty o’ trees.

We’re planning to spend all of Thanksgiving week here, then we’ll shut the cabin down for the winter (maybe next year we’ll be more prepared to go up and enjoy the snow, but for now it’s more our spring/summer/fall home). Thankfully, our first weekend went pretty smoothly — the heat worked wonderfully, the hot water was toasty, and the views were every bit as amazing in November as they were when we first viewed the property back in the summer. Oh and stars! So many stars!

It's mid-November, but still warm enough to enjoy a hike.

Surrounded by green.

We spotted at least two "mega-trees" -- my new name for a cluster of pine trees that grow so close together they look like a humongous mega-tree. I have no idea if this is a special pine tree that does this. So much to learn! They reminded me of the Redwoods in California.

I can't wait to throw a party at the "campground" -- a cleared, private area along the river that's already furnished with patio tables, a fire pit and chairs.

The waterfall on the property, as it looks in summer.

17 thoughts on “Introducing: Our New Home

  1. Lesley says:

    Wow, Joy. It looks idyllic. Congrats again — I’d love to see the place in person someday! That campground is crying out for a campfire and some s’mores…

  2. doranyc says:

    This place is SO amazing. I can’t wait to get back up there. And the town is so nice, and the trails. I’m really stoked for hanging out at the winery more and for kayaking in the wet lands.


  3. Betty Victory says:

    All I can say is that this place is so dream-like. I am so happy for you and Brendan and for all the many people who will be visiting. Should we call it “Happy Land” ? Sorta like Disney land??

  4. Martha says:

    Your new property looks gorgeous! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you two. Having a waterfall is so cool !! I can’t wait to come for a visit.

  5. connie says:

    Wow! This looks amazing. I can’t wait to visit and if there’s not enough room in the house for me, I’d love to check out your campground 😉 How exciting!

  6. Julie says:

    Hi there, my Dad shared your blog with me. I think you know him…(think hard about my last name).

    We too bought a house upstate last May…..not as many acres and not in as good condition as yours but we’re working on it. Our waterfall, unfortunately is not as easy to get to (a huge hike up a large hill) but I’m thinking about putting in a trail of some sort.

    I started writing about the house on my website, but then decided to start a blog about it.
    Stay warm! Happy Thanksgiving.

    P.S. You’re lucky you have heat and hot water.

  7. P Ez says:

    Your little plot o’heaven looks lovely. I agree with Shanna — I’m incredibly jealous!


    (How’d you find such an awesome place?)

    • Joy Victory says:

      Hey Perry! We found it online, then arranged a showing. We looked at a lot of properties, and this one was 1) the closest to the city and 2) the most secluded/gorgeous. So we lucked out. (Though the cabin does need some work!)

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