Car Stripped of Wheels Right Near Councilman’s House in Astoria

Amid stunning blue weather and Japanese maple trees in full crimson glory, I stumbled across this scene on my morning walk.

It’s not my car, but damn, it pissed me off. WTF? The jerk-offs not only had to steal this Nissan Maxima’s wheels, but they also bent the car’s door panel using a plastic milk crate as a make-shift platform. Classy.

And the cherry on top? The crime was committed only a few feet away from Councilman Peter F. Vallone’s house — a symbolic reminder that all his chatter about crime increasing in the 114th Precinct is most definitely not over-blown.

9 thoughts on “Car Stripped of Wheels Right Near Councilman’s House in Astoria

  1. Andrew Rowley says:

    Damn, this is crazy shix! They didn’t even do it like the 90’s with the cinderblocks so you can put tires back on with ease. This is just a lack of courtesy! Not only do you steal my shit, but you make it hard for me to put new ones on. Smfh.

    • Joy Victory says:

      I find that amazing. I’m used to seeing car windows busted in Harlem and the Bronx (remember the cars we saw near the Botanical Gardens that one time?) but this is the first time I’ve seen this in Astoria.

      • doranyc says:

        Oh yeah, I remember that whole line of cars in the Bronx, that was nuts. I’m kind of surprised, too, but at the same time, I know there are SO many NICE cars in Astoria just sitting there on the street…just a matter or time, especially with the economy in the shitter? I’ve only seen a car disturbed one or two times since living there and it’s always been on streets that are sort of out of the way. My street is really high traffic because of the access to Astoria blvd and the BQE just at the end of 42nd so maybe we’re not in a good path for car theft and break ins – but who knows? Maybe we ARE a good place for it because it’s an easy get away route. You just never know. The bike messenger I was just talking to about it just said he didn’t think location makes any difference – pro car thieves work FAST.

        Anyway, this is why I appreciate Gene’s NYer paranoia and why we will never ever leave our EZpass or GPS in the car. Maybe we should look into those locking wheel lugs.

  2. Don Victory says:

    This might be a good warning – After EC’s Civic had the back tires and wheels stolen I had him buy two sets of locking wheel lugs. He put two on each wheel. You might want to stop by an auto parts store and get some. You car might have one set on it? If it does you should have some type of lug nut remover in the trunk or glove box. dad

  3. Betty Victory says:

    Hi everybody,
    I think you should all look into the locking lug nuts. This kind of thing can happen anywhere, anytime. In Austin, Texas this problem is rampant!! I like others have mentioned here, the economy really encourages people to do such things. There was a tire place just a few miles from our son’s apartment. I’ll bet anything that those tires were somewhere in that shop!!

  4. Shmoehawk says:

    “….I think you should all look into the locking lug nuts.”
    Ever walk by the 114 at night? There is no one there. maybe we should get rid of the latest precint CO

  5. Julie says:

    This doesn’t surprise me. We had both a Nissan Altima and a Maxima for years. When we lived in Brooklyn and had the Altima the hubcabs were always stolen. When we moved to Long Island, people kept trying to “fender bender” the Maxima. Guess this wouldn’t make a good ad for Nissan but it does show the cars are popular!

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