“Man in a Blizzard:” Filmed On Sunday, Released on Monday to Critical Acclaim

Jamie Stuart, an Astoria neighbor and filmmaker (we’ve got a lot of those in our friendly little ‘hood!) headed out during Sunday’s blizzard and filmed scenes of daily life, as the snowfall went from a pleasant dusting to a heavy, impenetrable dumping.

He edited and released it one day later. Then Roger Ebert — the acclaimed film critic — hailed it as an Oscar contender.

All in just a few days. Impressive. I think my most notable achievement from those two days was finally going outside and taking a few quick photos — long after the snow had stopped.



Don’t Envy Me: Scenes from the 55-mph Blizzard

A year ago, I wrote a blog post on how quiet, warm and beautiful Mexico City is during the post-Christmas span leading up to New Year’s Eve.

That’s all changed, hadn’t it? Now, a year later, I’m surrounded by incalculable amounts of snow, and sleepy because I was up all night in a half-panic, picturing the neighbors’ snow-heavy trees slamming into our home and car. And don’t even get me started on our cabin upstate, which is basically unreachable for the next few days.

Still, when the sun came out today, I decided to go out and take photos, while the snow is still relatively pretty. In the next few days, the city will be disgusting, as the snow gets covered in dirt, trash and all sorts of ungodly detritus before melting.


Since the snow was taller than Charlie in many places, he didn't stay out for long. By the way, this L.L. Bean coat is the BOMB. I don't care how much a I look like a giant raspberry, cuz it keeps me warm.



The scene down the road from us. It's like an ocean of snow.

At least it's sunny today, so that when the snow flies in your face, feeling much like frozen sand, you can at least get some Vitamin D, too.




Little birds trying to stay warm. They were all fluffed up when I first saw them.

Another buried car.


One of my favorite neighborhood houses looks especially adorable today.

This gives you an idea of how much snow fell in just under 1 day. Since my dog is about half the height of a fire hydrant, he's not pleased with Mother Nature right now.


That's a car.




You’re Welcome: Aunt Linda’s Wild Berry Cosmo Recipe

Me, heartily enjoying my cosmo, with a plethora of booze behind me -- handy in case I need an emergency refill.


My Aunt Linda introduced the Victory clan to a new and thoroughly delicious cocktail this week.

Wild Berry Cosmos!


  • 1 part Raspberry Rum
  • 2 parts Cranberry Juice
  • dash of lime.

From Linda: “That is the original recipe. Our contribution to this is that we add a little 7-up (or Sprite). It mellows the cranberry juice, and cuts the alcohol content. Say you used 1 jigger of rum and 2 jiggers of cranberry juice, then I would use about 1/3 to 1/2 jigger of 7-up.”

Between these and the Ruby ‘Ritas, a good time was had by all. 😀

Now That’s a Great Nut Graf

In journalism jargon, the “nut graf” is the paragraph where you sum up your entire article into one or two sentences, usually in the third or fourth paragraph of your article.

Today, I stumbled across one of the best nut grafs I’ve ever read, in a New York Times article on the rabid popularity of romance books on e-readers:

If the e-reader is the digital equivalent of the brown-paper wrapper, the romance reader is a little like the Asian carp: insatiable and unstoppable. Together, it turns out, they are a perfect couple. Romance is now the fastest-growing segment of the e-reading market, ahead of general fiction, mystery and science fiction, according to data from Bowker, a research organization for the publishing industry.”

Romance Books Are Hot in the E-Reading Market – NYTimes.com.