Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We checked on our cabin today (we shut it down for the winter). It looked great!

Looking down the driveway. It's a lot of snow, but far less than what New York City got last week. Only about three inches deep, it seemed (compared to 16" in Astoria). These are human prints, created by us.

Getting closer. It was 50 degrees today, so the snow was melting off the roof in funny patterns.

A few weeks ago we hired a "tree surgeon" to cut down two hemlock trees that were precariously leaning over the cabin. I see a chopping block, benches, and incredibly heavy stools in our future.

These are obviously deer tracks. We also spotted rabbit/squirrel tracks, and something that looked like big dog or cat prints (padded feet with claws). Maybe a bear?

3 thoughts on “Walking in a Winter Wonderland

  1. Betty Victory says:

    Well, how different from Astoria, right? The cabin looks great. Just enough snow for it to look beautiful. Did you go in? Really like those pictures!

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