How to Help Japan’s Animals and Pets

New Orleans, LA, September 19, 2005 -- A FEMA ...

A search-and-rescue dog takes a break during Hurricane Katrina disaster relief. Image via Wikipedia

I don’t know about you, but the photos of animals reunited with their Japanese humans has been killing me this week. And the photos of dogs getting scanned for radiation? Haunting. It’s easy to overlook the plight of our furry best friends during a disaster of this scale that is still unfolding. But, Hurricane Katrina was a big wake-up call for me, and that’s when I first started donating to animal organizations.

So how to help Japanese animals? Global Animals has set up a page to compile the various animal-related organizations in Japan who need our help. I just donated to World Vets, an organization that is actively on the ground in Japan, trying to help.

If you’re hesitant, need I remind you of what our canines do for us in disasters? (The photo, in case it changes as The New York Times adds more photos, is of a search-and-rescue dog.)

I want to leave you with this article of a dog protecting an injured dog, both of them left abandoned in the rubble. It made me get out the credit card and do something.

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