Hanging With My Ladeez

This past weekend I hosted a ladies’ weekend at our place upstate. Activities included: cooking, drinking wildberry cosmos, making wreaths, bedazzling our fingernails, wearing chocolate face masks, and eating copious amounts of Easter candy while listening to The Arcade Fire and Julieta Venegas. We also hiked. Seriously.

I took Connie, Eileen and Chrissy down to our flat "campground area" and forced them to pose for a group shot.

One of the rare times Charlie wasn't being petted.

We spent Saturday afternoon foraging for wreath materials.

The finished product. Includes: lichen, white pine needles (and pine cones), hemlock branches and ribbon.

Drunk on Spring in New York

Wow. Just wow. I went out and took more spring photos today, while lost in a daydream of how much I love life this time of year.

Why can’t this season last a whole lot longer? Good heavens, it’s SO stunning. What’s also amazing is that I took all these photos on the fly with my crappy smartphone camera, while walking my dog. Spring is just that photogenic.

This mother was picking flowers for her daughter.

As a non-native New Yorker, I'm terrible at identifying trees. This one I call "pretty."

I'm fairly sure this is a cherry tree. And I want to live in it.

It is always a challenge selecting the prettiest tulip breed, but this one is way up there for me. I also really love the dark violet ones that glow like garnets in the sun.

Easter Candy Bark (via Gingerbread Bagels)

I can’t decide if this is delicious or disgusting (at least from a caloric point-of-view), but as a fervent fan of all Easter candy, this recipe is at least tempting to ponder.

Easter Candy Bark Giveaway for Barney Butter is now closed. The giveaway for Chobani Yogurt is still open! (will end tonight April 19th at midnight) I will admit that I love holidays because of the food, food and yes food.  Halloween for me is all about the candy corn (and the million other pieces of candy), Thanksgiving is for stuffing, Christmas for the gingerbread bagels (!!!!), Valentine's Day for the chewy cinnamon hearts,  and I'm all about the Mini Cadbury … Read More

via Gingerbread Bagels

Hummingbird Comes in for a Sugar-Filled Landing

Continuing with the bird theme, here’s a delightful ruby-throated hummingbird who has become smitten with my parents’ backyard feeder in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Oh to have a zoom lens like this!


Look at all that delicious sugar water!

I love how my handsome neck feathers coordinate so well with this feeder. Time for a drink?


Sluuuuuuurrrrrrrrrppppp. (My red feathers seem to have disappeared. Oh well.)


Time for lift off.



Bird Watching from the Kitchen Window (in Queens)

Back in September, I shared a charming photo of a fat robin posing perfectly for the camera, taken from my apartment’s kitchen window in Astoria. We may live in New York City, but we get tons of great birds passing right between our row house and the house next door. It’s a little mini-flyway.

I bring to you the next installment of Astoria birding awesomeness: a woodpecker! He was harder to photograph, what with all the head-banging and what not. But still a charmer: