Drunk on Spring in New York

Wow. Just wow. I went out and took more spring photos today, while lost in a daydream of how much I love life this time of year.

Why can’t this season last a whole lot longer? Good heavens, it’s SO stunning. What’s also amazing is that I took all these photos on the fly with my crappy smartphone camera, while walking my dog. Spring is just that photogenic.

This mother was picking flowers for her daughter.

As a non-native New Yorker, I'm terrible at identifying trees. This one I call "pretty."

I'm fairly sure this is a cherry tree. And I want to live in it.

It is always a challenge selecting the prettiest tulip breed, but this one is way up there for me. I also really love the dark violet ones that glow like garnets in the sun.

4 thoughts on “Drunk on Spring in New York

  1. doranyc says:

    Yep, those are Cherry blossoms for sure, so is the one above it, so many different varieties! I can’t wait to see them all in Brooklyn on Saturday. Wish you guys could be there!!

  2. Betty Victory says:

    All are so lovely. Those cherry blossoms just blow me away. Don’t you wish they could hang around for a much longer time?

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