Flowers, Millipedes and Sunshine — Oh My

Oh yes, dear readers, expect a whole endless summer of photos taken at the cabin upstate. Each weekend just gets better and better. I’m so in love.

A magnolia dips in front of the cabin, which is being renovated, hence the plywood.

I went a little nuts taking photo of the sun.

The center of the humongous magnolia blossoms.

We found this wooden Queensboro Farm Products box in the shed. And promptly put it to good use as a flowerbox. (We're weekday residents of Queens.)

We had two dead hemlock trees cut down last fall. And turned them into spring planters. Brendan did all the work rolling these heavy beasts into place.

We hiked down to the waterfall, but the river was so high we couldn't get across to get a better view.

Moss grows everywhere. Like everywhere, people.

A thousand legs on a thousand polka dots.

White pine flowers.

Anyone know what this is?

Some sort of insect with realllllllly long legs.

7 thoughts on “Flowers, Millipedes and Sunshine — Oh My

  1. Rachel says:


    I love your photos. You should go into travel photography as a second career. On that note, I’m ready to come visit you guys at your cabin. It’s gorgeous. You can even put me to work. 🙂


  2. Betty Victory says:

    Very beautiful !! Nice photography, Joy.
    In the last picture it almost looks like some sort of insect swallowed a Daddy Long legs………but guess its what the caption says it is.

  3. Daricia says:

    hi there! im not sure if ive commented before, but i have been a reader for a while. your weekend getaway looks wonderful! those hemlock planters are awesome. google shasta viburnum and see if you think that is your plant. those are great shrubs.

  4. Julie says:

    Joy, Heard you saw Mom and Dad last night! These photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I, too, have tons of wildflowers up at the Red House — but most are hidden by the big ugly dumpster. Also, I’m so jealous you have a chain saw! I have an old verizon telephone pole in the middle of the field that needs to come down and I’m just too timid to tackle that on my own. If you feel you need to practice however…

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