It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Summer, That Is)

Our Memorial Day weekend was fairly lazy, spent exploring the river down below, grilling hamburguesas, and admiring how everything will soon be overgrown, wild and brambly. While I don’t have photos of them yet,  I’ll be trying my best to get photos of our chipmunks and ruby-throated hummingbird —  two adorable but very hard-to-photograph creatures. These will have to do:

There are ferns everywhere, carpeting the forest floor with their nuclear green symmetry.

Meanwhile, our azaleas opened, revealing fuchsia. I wish these flowers lasted longer (but the same is true for all flowers).

After a lot of snowmelt and a few heavy spring rains, our waterfall is robust. The water was chilly, but refreshing.

One thing I'm learning about photographing waterfalls is that it can be hard to show scale. So, this one shows little old me, over on the left, to give you an idea of the size of the waterfall.

Brendan carefully makes his way across the layers of shale, which form a cavernous, lush overhang around the waterfall.

He spotted this little wildflower growing near the waterfall. We're not sure what it is. Time to get a New York Wildflower book!

On Saturday night, we had amphibious visitors. We're pretty sure this in an American toad, warts and all.

The arrival of summer has also brought the arrival of ants. While they are numerous, they do not sting - unlike the ants I'm accustomed to in Texas. Here, they crawl over our soon-to-open peonies.

This was also the first weekend we saw dragonflies.

The master of our domain took it all in. That little patch of open land on the mountain is the abandoned lead mine (which I blogged about in a recent post).

5 thoughts on “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Summer, That Is)

  1. Bobby says:

    The size of the waterfall is “wow, wow” It’s not often you see Brendan overshadowed.
    I hate your flowers because we don’t have any.

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