My Second ‘Wildflower’ Bouquet of the Season

Unlike my first bouquet, this one contains the fabulous foxglove, which kind of has magical powers — not only does the presence of foxglove in a cut flower bouquet somehow motivate the other flowers in your bouquet to stay perky longer than normal, it is used to make the drug digitalis.

Note: None of my flowers so far are really wild; they were probably planted long ago by the NYC ballerina who first built and lived in the cabin we now own. But the flowers require absolutely no care on our part, making them “wild” to us. The garden’s continued beauty is a testament to the ballerina’s green thumb — and good taste.

So what does said foxglove look like in nature? She’s a purty one.

I didn’t get a photo of the white peonies shown in the arrangement, but the fabulous Dora grabbed my camera and took this lovely shot of a pink one.

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