Stupidity of Miss USA Candidates Shocks No One

This video snippet is all you need to watch to understand why American students far fall so behind their foreign peers in almost all measurable ways.

And, if you’re wondering what I would say if I was asked the same question while competing in a beauty pageant — because hey, it might happen one day — I’d say (after receiving a fake tan, teeth whitening, rib removal, hair extensions and hopefully not any neuron extractions, which seems to plague this lot): “No, evolution should not be taught, because God forbid we have things like modern medicine, which omg relies on, like, evolutionary biology for innovations. People should just be ignorant of science, and anything involving those little DNA thingies — I want to die an early painful death, with Jeebus at my side! Amen, y’all.”

On a more serious note, I’m happy to report the winner was not only smart enough to say she understands evolution (it’s not a “belief” thing, it’s the ability to understand how life perpetuates despite our stupidity), she also allegedly supports legalization of marijuana and calls herself a “big science geek.”

She’s my kinda girl!

2 thoughts on “Stupidity of Miss USA Candidates Shocks No One

  1. Steven says:

    I really (really, really, really) hope that these few women do not represent the majority of Americans. If you reject the theory of evolution, you reject all the scientific evidence that supports it. We are able to witness it in organisms with short life-cycles, for example.

    It’s really worrisome to me that people are so willing to reject science because they believe in a book. Who knows, it a couple thousand years, maybe people will be worshipping Harry Potter in the same way. I don’t mean to say there isn’t good in religion, or in the teachings of the Bible, but to outright reject evolution (and many other issues as well) is naive.

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