The View: Morning, Noon and Night

I spend a lot of time looking out our living room window, admiring the view. There are lots of things I love about our little cabin, but this really never gets old. The view also changes so dramatically from season to season (I don’t have good photos of last autumn, but just you wait, readers).


In the early morning there's usually fog in the mountains; it burns off as things heat up.

High noon in the summertime. The view gets a little obscured by the wild roses in June.

Friends Adam and Chrissy looking totes adorbs in the afternoon light on a thunder-filled day.

Adam took this great photo just moments later.

The recent full moon filled the house with light. We were scared when it first popped up over the mountain as a sliver of light. Just a simple glorious act of nature. Whew. And looksies! You can see stars.

If were a better photographer, I’d show you the midnight stars, sparkling.

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