The Faded Beauty of Summitville, New York

A local resident told me this teensy one-room building was the old station house for the railroad.

In its heydey, Summitville was a depot for both the D&H Canal (which transported coal from the Delaware River down to the Hudson River, and ultimately, New York City) and the O&W Railroad.

Now, the hamlet is sleepy (yep, it’s technically a “hamlet” – New York state has hamlets, villages, towns, cities..etc), with just a few residents in farmhouses. At the town crossroads, the crumbling buildings give a hint of what once was.

I walked to the town following the old D&H route. It’s about a one-mile walk from the Bova Road access point for the D&H (off Route 209 near Summitville). The walk begins with interpretive signs explaining the complex engineering of the canal, as well as how people of the time lived. Then, you’ll pass by the actual canal, which flanks wetlands full of birds, turtles and frogs. It’s a lovely way to spend a weekend morning.

I wonder what they used to auction here? It's a long rectangular building.

I find the door really charming.

The town's church is the best-maintained building, and is still being used for services.

This looks like it used to be the town's general store. The roof is precariously decrepit.

"Hershey's Ice Cream" the sign says, back when Hershey apparently sold a lot of ice cream. I have a feeling antique collectors would love to rifle through some of the attics and basements in Summitville!

It's a Texas-like sky as you walk the towpath, which provides a great view of the Shawangunk Mountains.

The canal in a narrow section, known as a lock. Donkeys pulled the boats via the towpath.

Common mullein growing along the path.

4 thoughts on “The Faded Beauty of Summitville, New York

  1. doranyc says:

    Gorgeous! I think I know where Gene and I will go when we’re up there in a couple of weeks.

    Are these any of the buildings we saw when we did the walk along the former railroad trail last fall? I think the previous owner of your house pointed out an old inn that is still standing, but that’s all I remember seeing before we went on the trail… same place? Or right around there? I know we didn’t explore any farther, it was just the one house we saw…

    • Joy Victory says:

      This is actually a different section of the D&H, where you haven’t yet been. The one we took you to was south – leading into Wurtsboro. This one is north, leading into Summitville. There’s no good web site on it or I’d just send ya the link! The D&H is 40 miles long, so tons to explore.

  2. debbie says:

    The old auction house did all kinds of treasures- Summitville sure has changed a lot. The old run down red building was once the post office in town.

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