My, What a Nice Superbum You Have

Spotted this weekend: The oh-so-beautiful wildflower known as turk’s cap lily, American tiger lily, or by its awesome scientific name, Lilium superbum. These ladies are considered “vulnerable” in New York State, and endangered in many other states. So I’m proud we have one growing on our property.

Our superbum, in her full glory:

The superbum in the flesh. Sort of.

Hmm, is someone enjoying our superbum?

What a cute little red beetle!

Those are some stamens!

7 thoughts on “My, What a Nice Superbum You Have

  1. Betty Victory says:

    Absolutely STUNNING. I just love the bums and HATE that they are endangered!! And yes, Dora, the bug makes me so squeeeeeee……..

    Joy, how bout trying to save the seeds? The pod will eventually turn brown and has little chambers in it where you will find the seeds. You can put something over the pod to catch the seeds. something like those little mesh bags that some of Becca’s jewelry comes in– -put it over the pod and then lightly tie so something won’t eat it or so it won’t get blown away in the wind.

  2. Betty Victory says:

    Oh yes, if you have some nice clothes on, you don’t want to rub up against those stamens. They can really stain. The ones at Becca’s got all over my white shrug.

  3. Floydsdad says:

    Great photos!
    I love things like this where words have dual connotations ! If you have no objection, can I refer to this post in one of my future blogs?

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