Our Bizarre Storm Debris from Hurricane Irene

We’re on vacation all this week, along with my parents and my brother, Erik. On Sunday afternoon, Brendan, my Dad, Erik and I went down to the northern section of our creek to investigate how it looked post-Irene. It’s a mess, but nothing too terrible.

Along with tons of felled trees, debris and sandy random muck, we also were left with this surprise:

Erik had gone swimming, so we called him over to come fish it out, whatever it was.

What the ?!!! Erik bravely hauled it all the way out, and estimated it weighs at least 50 pounds.

It’s now propped up against a tree alongside the road, somewhat closer to its original home.

Also: Sadly, our picnic table was destroyed by a white pine that collapsed.

But our swing survived!

3 thoughts on “Our Bizarre Storm Debris from Hurricane Irene

  1. doranyc says:

    Gene and i just cheered at the sight of the swing!! YAAAAY!!!! Anyway, yes, not as bad as it could have been all around! *phew* I know you guys still have a lot of clean up which blows! I hope your eels are ok! They probably don’t mind the extra water. I just hope they were able to stay in their little pool below the waterfall.

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