A Minor Kitchen Transformation

Along with the gorgeous new cabinet/closet my father built us, he also helped us make new kitchen shelves. Using some extra wood we had, and some little shelf pieces that go below the wood (yeah, I don’t know the proper jargon), we were able to create some sorely needed extra shelf space in our kitchen.

Before, the  under-utilized corner of our kitchen.

Meanwhile, our countertops and window sill were beyond cluttered, and driving us a little bonkers.

Voila!!!! We even hung an old chalkboard we bought at a yard sale. That’s a butcher block below the shelves.

3 thoughts on “A Minor Kitchen Transformation

  1. Betty says:

    Very nice, Joy, but I really like the blue bottles/fish in the window. They show up so much better there. Ok, just thought I would give you my 2 cents. Ok, so I’ll admit it, I was secretly pleased that you might have inherited that trait from me. Isn’t that silly? — Mom

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