Custom Cabinetry — By My Awesome Dad!

While my parents and brother were visiting us from Texas, we talked my Dad into busting out his magical carpentry skills and transforming an awkward empty space next to our fireplace into a functional shelving unit where we could store our clothes, sheets and other random stuff. We only have two small closets in our entire cabin, and no dresser, so our clothes were in piles,  strewn all over the place. After spending a few weeks trying to find an antique shelving unit narrow enough to squeeze into the place, and not having any luck, we moved to Plan B: Donald Victory.

He did not fail us! In fact, he blew our socks off.

Take a look:

The awkward little space. We emptied it out (note the mess of crap in front of fireplace). My Dad’s first task was to place foam over the missing trim at the bottom, to seal it up better.

His next task was to install oak posts on each side, to rest the shelves on. The oak posts were extra wood we had on hand, not being used. While strong, oak is such a dense hardwood that my Dad said it was easier to drill through the brick than the oak.

He then created the door using a Z-pattern “barn door” style. He found the wood at Lowe’s, taking his time to pick wood that matched our knotty pine walls. Once he finished the door (the measuring and sawing being the most labor intensive part of this process), we stained it. I had never stained wood before, and was thrilled to find out it’s practically impossible to mess up. My kind of task! He also spray painted the hinges and latch, to match all the other knobs/latches in our house.

The finished project! I love how it looks like it was here all along.

The mostly finished inside! I spent today sanding the shelves, and stuffing it full of our clothes, sheets and kindling.

Our adorable door knob. I picked this out. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Custom Cabinetry — By My Awesome Dad!

  1. Sara says:

    This is beautiful! You are a family of geniuses! I was just scouring the web for places to find shelving in Mexico and found your blog…I rent a room, so major carpentry is not really an option, but I also don’t have any place to put my stuff (cosmetics, office supplies) and I have to work from home a lot, so the constant clutter is driving me crazy. Thanks for the photos and the ideas!

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