My Blog Post to Cheer Up Depressed Environmentalists

My writing buddy as I type this.

Anyone who has ever watched a nature program knows they often end on an ominous note, the narrator booming in with something like “Thanks to human encroachment, the survival of [insert any species here] is, at best, under severe threat.”

That’s true, very true. We’ve wreaked havoc on our natural world, and for the most part, we’re beyond any hope of salvaging species on the brink of extinction — even our most beloved and iconic, such as polar bears, pandas and tigers. We don’t know how to co-exist.

Sometimes, like when I see a dumped mattress on the side of the road, or 3,000 baby sharks being killed en masse, I get depressed. Really depressed. How can we be so intelligent yet so awful? I’m not proud of fellow man. And sometimes I’m not proud of myself, like when I notice the trash is full of plastic waste and I’m pining for an iPad.

And then I come home to our cabin in the woods that’s about only 90 miles northwest of New York City. We bought it about a year ago, and it’s really been critical to my sanity and sense of hope. If we don’t come up often, and clean out the spiderwebs, set mouse traps, spray for carpenter ants, and hire someone to relocate the bats who love our chimney so much, this place will become one giant wildlife hotel. And thank god for that. Critters are annoying to deal with because they’re so damn resilient.


My short list of critters that I or a visitor has witnessed, or seen evidence of:

– Countless (and prolific) species of insects, including bees.*

– Frogs and toads

– Salamanders

– Brown bats*

– Porcupines

– Deer*

– Turkey

– Raptors, songbirds and hummingbirds*

– Wild hogs

– Bears

– Bobcats

– Coyotes

– Snakes

– Red squirrels, grey squirrels, chipmunks, mice, voles, woodchucks*

– Natural native forest

– Regrowth forest

– Wildflowers

– Mosses

– Endless variety of mushrooms

*Either a source of annoyance to us, or expensive to deal with


Just a smattering of what’s located only an hour and a half outside of New York City:

Unidentified frog

Red bee balm

Unknown mushrooms

Turk's cap lily

Red eft salamander




Animal tracks


6 thoughts on “My Blog Post to Cheer Up Depressed Environmentalists

  1. yoyomar says:

    Don’t forget your American eel! We learned the other day that they can come as far inland, via the Great Lakes, as northern Minnesota…and still have to go back to the Atlantic to spawn–imagine!

  2. Santiago Latapi says:

    Hey, just wanted to let you know I just read your whole stay in Mexico posts, I spent like 2 hours on it and loved it. I’m Mexican and I like looking at others’ perspectives on my country… glad it was interesting experience 🙂

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