It’s Not Easy Photographing Our Skinny Waterfall, La Cascada Flaca

Unlike our cascada principal, which is fat, hearty and year-round, our cascada flaca is more temporary, appearing only after a healthy rain or melting snowpack. She’s visible from our bedroom window, but a total bitch to photograph, as she’s perched over a steep cliff surrounded by mature hemlocks, which are super branch-y.

Still, she’s worth photographing, like any waterfall. On Thanksgiving morning, I took advantage of the bright early sun and ventured into the woods (and seriously folks, there is nothing I’d rather do, except perhaps be on a warm, desolate beach. So how happy am I? Very, very.).

While it was my perfect idea of  a perfect morning, the photos only came out OK — nothing like watching the real thing in action, plunging a good 70 feet down the ravine, and into the brook. A good zoom lens would probably help.

Hemmie branches are so branchy! A slightly closer look:

Pretty much every weekend we’re here, we walk the entire length of our property, and pass by the “headwaters” of our skinny falls. It’s breathtaking every time.

It looks like this as you walk up to it:

Looking down, though, is a little hair raising. The boiling but frigid brook is straight below you, and the sun is blinding, reflecting off the rock cliff, mist and water.

But, if you’re brave, you’ll crane your neck out over the edge, and look straight down.

How I took these photos:



8 thoughts on “It’s Not Easy Photographing Our Skinny Waterfall, La Cascada Flaca

  1. Joy Victory says:

    I meant to include a note about how a book we own, the “Guide to New York Waterfalls,” has an introductory passage on how hiking to waterfalls is known to give hikers a special kind of high, and it’s rumored to be due to the special “ions” caused by all the moving water. While I have no idea if the ions around a waterfall are truly special, I DO know I get this weird euphoric, cleansing high. I’m still trippin.’

  2. yoyomar says:

    Your appreciation for the natural wonders around you is so palpable in your writing. We who read it/study your photos can’t help but feel uplifted.

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