Are You Living the Simple 7?

Map of Heart Disease Death Rates in US White M...

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My day job is editing online health information, and because I spend approx 40 hours a week immersed in health and medicine, I don’t spend a lot of time discussing it here, on my blog, which is more for my off-hour pursuits and interests.

But I came across this article from Calorie Count that I really want to share with my reader(s), on the American Heart Association‘s new My Life Check “Life’s Simple 7” plan. In an effort to simplify the abundant information overload out there, the AHA came up with these guiding principles to help people prevent heart disease and diabetes (often intertwined). These rules also will help lower the chances of getting other related diseases linked to chronic inflammation (cancer, Alzheimer’s).

So they’re good solid rules, and I hope this simple summation does finally sink into Americans’ brains:

  1. don’t smoke;
  2. maintain a healthy weight;
  3. engage in regular physical activity;
  4. eat a healthy diet;
  5. manage blood pressure;
  6. take charge of cholesterol; and
  7. keep blood sugar, or glucose, at healthy levels.

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