Mid-Vacation Impractical Daydream: Florida Should Be Returned to Wild

I have absolutely nothing against Floridians–I get why they live here. The place is amazing. Wildlife is everywhere. It just blows my mind. And so, why not give it back? Do we really need to be in and on this peninsula?

Maybe it should become just a place we visit, not a place we live.

Sorry, I’ve got one day of vacation left, and I’ve been so immersed in and enamored by the wildlife of Southern Central Florida that I am caught up envisioning what it could be, if boats didn’t strike manatees, if the glow of night lights didn’t disorient sea turtle hatchlings, if monofilament fishing line didn’t strangle birds. If we left Florida, it wouldn’t take long for it to go really wild. So let’s leave and make the whole state a nature reserve.

Something to share with our kids, and their kids…and so on.

A girl can dream, no? Here’s what I saw on my first day in Florida, while the husband bought groceries and I walked the dog around a small pond by the grocery store.

Peer closely along the shoreline of this person's front yard. You can click this photo to embiggen.

This is gator country, front yard or not. I took this photo from a GROCERY STORE PARKING LOT. The lighter stripes on this 5-footer indicates it's still a baby. A baby!

This oddly shaped waterbird, called an anhinga, was to the left of the gator, fishing. Let's see it really stretch that neck...

That beak looks perfect for spearing fish. Or fending off baby gators.

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