I was excited to see this post from wildlife photographer Jon-Mark Davey about the Wood Stork beginning to recover from near extinction. Not only is this a fantastic prehistoric looking bird — Jim Henson must have been inspired by them when he worked on Dark Crystal — but also they also have cool alternate names like “Wood Ibis” and “Colorado Turkey.” As Jon-Mark says, I hope these not-so-wittle bwirdies “find peace and abundance” as the resettle in Florida.

South Florida Wildlife Photographer

Wood Stork -- Tree Walkers
It’s always great when a bird species on the brink of extinction, headed that way anyway, returns to flourish. One such species is the Wood Stork, (Mycteria americana) also commonly known as Flinthead, Wood Ibis, Wood Pelican or Colorado Turkey. Wood Storks are found along the coastal areas of South Carolina, Georgia and Central and Southern Florida. Wood Storks were listed as an “endangered species” since 1984 due to the severe drop in population in the 1900’s. I can’t tell you the exact date (1998-1999) but I remember a news report from Orlando about the killing of huge numbers of wood storks, pelicans, and great blue herons when they ate fish from Lake Apopka tainted with OCP, a rather nasty pesticide left by the agriculture industry. Personally, I believe that event was the demise of the main flocks historically seen in South Florida during certain times…

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