As Pretty as an Easter Egg: The First Full Moon of Spring

Did you know that Easter traditionally follows the first full moon after the vernal equinox (aka spring)?

The older I get, the more I (passively) realize that almost all Christian/Jewish holidays (cause it’s Passover time, too) correlate with pre-Christian dates of celebration. Perhaps this realization started when I was living in Mexico — where pre-Hispanic religious celebrations, such as the defiant Dia de los Muertos, still thrive alongside the Catholic-approved All Saints’ Day — or perhaps it’s due to living up in the Northeast, where the seasons are far more profound than growing up in Texas, but anyway, wow I simply hadn’t thought about these things much until I got older. Simply, it’s no coincidence that Easter is full of images of young bunnies and birds.

Anyway, that is just my ramblings after taking some so-so photos of the giant full moon last night. Did anyone else see it? It was hard to miss. We first spotted it while watching a movie. Suddenly it looked like there was a forest fire in the mountains across the way, as the trees were suddenly illuminated in a golden light.  I got a little alarmed. Then it dawned us: the moon! Such a stunner.

4 thoughts on “As Pretty as an Easter Egg: The First Full Moon of Spring

  1. Lesley says:

    We had the same reaction yesterday — watched the full moon come up while at a friend’s roof-garden party in the Roma. Once the moon was high and bright in the sky, the candlelight procession started in the streets, for Semana Santa. Unforgettable moment.

  2. fati's recipes says:

    Oh wow, last night it was like that, too, Down Under! It’s so beautiful!

    And like has been commented… I love the layout although I personally thought the previous one was really awesome…. This one ranks better 🙂 It was my old theme for about a year 🙂

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