Our Avian Amigos: Big, Medium and Tee-Niny

I took these photos last weekend. The hills of the Shawangunks are alive…with the sound of birds!

In order of size, from biggest to smallest….

I’m pretty sure this is a red-tailed hawk. Because the tail is, you know, red. 

And this must be a handsome brown-headed cowbird, hanging out on a hemlock branch.

And YAY! Our hummingbirds returned from their winter break. We got to watch the male (shown here), display his “pendulum dance,” where he swooped back and forth over and over, in an attempt to woo the resident female. We thought maybe he had advanced dementia, but our birding book confirmed this behavior as normal. Also, I love how smart hummingbirds are — they let us know when they’re around, ready for more nectar.

Our Very Own Punxsutawney Phil

I was blaming the porcupines for the chewed-on shrubbery, especially the lilies. But I think I’ve found the proper culprit: this hardy looking groundhog, who Brendan spotted while we were chilling in our living room. I opened the front door and snapped this photo with my zoom lens, before s/he ran off.

He (or she) has a leaf on his/her head. And look at those ears! So human-like. It’s hard to hold a grudge against such a fuzzy, handsome rodent….